Welcome to El Cuerno

The corner of Palma where gastronomy and fun merge

Our cooking

Mediterranean flavor seasoned with the best atmosphere

Our 100% Mediterranean dishes are made with quality products to satisfy the stomach of the most demanding. We break our horn to always offer the best flavors and experiences.


Our menu


The Restaurant

Merging good food and the best atmosphere of Palma since 2008.

We are located in the neighborhood of La Lonja, 5 minutes from the Cathedral.

Mediterranean and varied cuisine to share and fill the gut.

We are like a great family, who lives the experience, comes back.

Something fun always happens in El Cuerno, we want to surprise you.

Our Story

Legend has it that El Cuerno was forged in an old garage and began his adventures as a cider house more than 25 years ago. No one knows for sure where his name comes from, it is rumored that it is due to the horn sculpted on its façade.

Over time, the need for reinvention turned it into a tapas bar, which caught the attention of neighbors and visitors, since it was something new at the time. The change worked and little by little El Cuerno was becoming a meeting place. They say that who visited it was enchanted and always came back.

The years went by, and as more and more people came to that place to share good food and enjoy the good atmosphere, the rest of the old carport that was still preserved was transformed into an interior room.

In addition, the menu was expanded to please the crop of the most demanding, and thus, El Cuerno evolution from bar to restaurant.

The clients tell us that the interior of the place is decorated with the gifts of the diners, and that going into it supposes declaring war on boredom. Because something always happens there, whether it is the visit of someone who is not expected, the entertainment of a musician or the spontaneous organization of a recital.

We are sure that it is a meeting place that makes a difference, and that eating well is not at odds with fun.

But do not let it be us who tell you about it and come and live the experience. We break a leg for your satisfaction.

Events, groups and celebrations

If you want to enjoy a big group, book our interior dining room in advance so that nobody has to play the game of chairs.

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